Sunday March 25, 2012 13:54

Post Surgery Scar

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I’ve had a few people email me asking what the physical scar is like after surgery so I decided to take a photo of what it’s like (at the moment 10 months post surgery). For those of you who haven’t seen what my leg was like after I removed my bandages check out my previous post, I had 4 wounds – one at the top of my thigh which was used as a blood block, 2 round ones on my knee cap and a 2 inch line just under my knee which is the point they extracted the hamstring.

As you can see in the photograph everything is still healing well, the scars are not very noticeable either. To be honest the line scar is still delicate when I touch it, I massage it most days as does my physiotherapist with oils. It’s important that you do regularly touch/rub the scars otherwise scar tissue will grow under the skin and attach to the muscle which can cause complications down the line.

I will post further updates over the next few months.

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