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Swollen Knee

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So I am now on day 16 post op for my ACL reconstruction using hamstring and Meniscus bucket handle tear repair. I am now doing different exercises which included:

  • 10 leg raises, in a vertical position, holding for 5 seconds a time
  • In a vertical position I’m also trying to bend my leg as high up as possible – moving heel towards my bottom (10 of those) – currently only manage 50/60 degrees
  • In a vertical position trying to point my toes towards me as much as possible while clenching my bottom and holding for 5 seconds
  • Some squats while my leg is still in the brace
  • I do these 3 times a day (takes me about 15 mins to complete)

As you can see from the photo my knee is still very swollen.

I’ve lost quite a lot of muscle mass in my left knee over the last few weeks and it does appear visibly smaller than my right knee. I’m wondering if because of the swelling this is restricting my ability to bend and straighten the leg properly.

I have a follow up appointment with the Doctor in 2 days time and have booked some physiotherapy sessions to help my recovery speed increase next week.

I’m moving around on crutches a lot easier now and putting more and more weight on the leg as the days go by, I think because I had a Meniscus tear aswell as my ACL reconstruction that my recovery is taking longer than those I’ve seen on YouTube walking without crutches in 10 days!

I took a video a few days ago before I had my bandages removed to show how high I can raise my leg, I have significantly improved since this was taken but here you go anyway:

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